Letter From Ronald B. Johnstone

According to the new “Inside” publication from the City, there is a move to drastically change the very nature of our City Clean-Up Campaign.

The change proposals will supposedly “minimize the potential for storm water pollution and increase customer convenience.” Hogwash! How could anything be more convenient than the current system of placing unwanted items at the curb for pickup and to “minimize storm water pollution” simply schedule the campaign a couple of weeks later when rain is very improbable.

Whoever came up with this inane idea cannot possibly appreciate that a huge quantity of the items we set out never are “officially taken by the City” but are instead removed by scavengers at no cost to the taxpayers. The alternative proposals will necessitate all City removal and we will endure much higher costs because of it.

Why are they screwing with a good thing?

There is a survey about it at: http://santaclaraca.gov/index.aspx?page=3090 open until June 19 or contact our Public Works Department.