Gillmor “Hates” the 49ers – She Pokes that Bear But Now The Bear Bites Back – Letter to the Editor

4 years ago Gillmor funneled $100,000 from her friendly developer friends into the City Council Election campaign using the SC POA PAC in an attempt to defeat 4 candidates she was against.  Many thought that the SC POA PAC & Gillmor campaign had very negative racial overtones.  She and the SC POA PAC are doing the exact same thing again this year using her friendly developers’ money to go through the SC POA PAC to defeat four independent candidates running against her favored candidates.

So what process has Gillmor created in Santa Clara politics?  Well the 49ers have learned to use her own political playbook to fight back, but they’ve more money to commit!  None of the four candidates have EVER met or know Jed York, AND they opposed the original election Measure Gillmor helped create that brought the 49ers’ Stadium into Santa Clara. But that’s not stopping the 49ers from playing the same political game that Gillmor has been doing for years…..

Gillmor hastily created a “news conference” last Thursday with the Chief of Police (who is also running for election!!) and a SC POA PAC representative on the steps of Santa Clara City Hall.  She was so surprised when 3 of the 4 candidates she opposed showed up with protest signs!!!!


Bottom line… Should “tears be shed” for Gillmor’s angst? I don’t think so.


John McLemore

Former Santa Clara Council Member

Yogais Youth