Is this Really the Santa Clara Way? – Letter to the Editor

What is the Santa Clara Way?  It seems to be a very mixed message.  One thing we know is that for far too many years, the Santa Clara Police Association (POA) has used its power and money to influence elections.  Disagree or oppose their slate of candidates and they’ll come after you as if they’re weilding a police baton which they’ll use to make sure you’re beaten into submission – no matter if they’re saying outright lies.  It’s a tradition that dates back too many years and it needs to stop.

But it begs the question.   Given the POA is willing to spend money to influence the results of the election, should we, the citizens of Santa Clara trust the Santa Clara Police Department?

I used to respect the department, but the repeated election interference by board members of the POA make me question their veracity and willingness to follow the creed and motto of the department – “To Protect and Serve.”  It seems the motto has sadly become, “To Protect and Serve those that WE support and that will BEND TO OUR WILL.”


I no longer have any trust in anyone on the board of the POA.  They seem to have one goal in mind – to maintain absolute control over the city and its decisions.

If this is how the department lets its representatives hold the citizens of our fair city, Santa Clara, hostage, perhaps it’s time we should seriously talk about DEFUNDING the POLICE.


David Cohen

Santa Clara, CA