Comment Regarding Brian Exline – Letter to the Editor

I submitted a comment to Robert Haugh’s blog in response to his post about Brian Exline.

Robert has told me for years that he doesn’t censor posts. Now I have proof that he does as well as proof that many of the anonymous posts on his very biased blog are written by him. His original post did not mention me but, after I submitted my post which he censored, he posted anonymously a completely baseless attack on my and Kevin Park’s campaign expenses. Why should an article that doesn’t mention me cause a
member of the public to post? Clearly this was Haugh himself responding to the following (not anonymous) submission by me:

“It makes me wonder how struggling Robert Haugh who lives with his parents was able to pay his recent legal bills for his court case. I heard a rumor that Robert Haugh’s truck was repossessed. Robert Haugh uses innuendo and false accusations against me and yet he has never interviewed me on the phone or in person”


Interestingly, after Robert Haugh posted his attack on me and Kevin, he allowed Burt Field to submit another attack.