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Investigator Rejects Mayor Gillmor’s Accusations Against Council Member Becker

A new report from an independent investigator depicts Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Council Member Kathy Watanabe unfavorably. According to the investigator working for a firm originally contracted by former City Manager Deanna Santana, Gillmor and Watanabe were not truthful about what happened during a closed-session meeting of the City Council on Aug. 30.

The pair said Council Member Anthony Becker threatened and bullied them behind closed doors while discussing terms for settling years of lawsuits with the San Francisco 49ers. Gillmor and Watanabe claimed that Becker had said “f*** off” to Watanabe and made a rude gesture.

Gillmor said she called the police. Both Gillmor and Watanabe subsequently walked out of the meeting, refusing to vote on the settlement agreement — something that had no impact on the action as a quorum remained.


Immediately after the closed session, Gillmor told the San Francisco Chronicle the story.

Gillmor and Watanabe’s accusations were repeated* without evidence or investigation in a report from the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury titled “Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Santa Clara City Council.”

“There were reports of shouting, offensive hand gestures, and aggression by one of the members of the Voting Bloc during the closed session…the police were called and remained the rest of the session,” read page 21 of the Civil Grand Jury’s report.

Becker was not interviewed by the Civil Grand Jury. He feels vindicated that the truth has come out.

“The findings in this report are vindication that the narrative put out before the election was false,” said Becker. “There were no findings that I was ‘hostile,’ ‘bullying’ or ‘unprofessional’ in any comments to Mayor Gillmor during the open session meeting nor did I ‘threaten’ her during the closed session meeting.

“The complaints were political, and it was evident in my opponent’s mailers and flyers as well as in some media,” he continued. “Yet the truth always prevails, and this investigation proves that. I want to commend those who did this investigation.”

The City of Santa Clara hired an independent investigator after Gillmor and Watanabe filed a complaint about the incident. [(Becker) Closure of Investigation]

According to the report, the investigator could not “sustain any of the allegations made by Mayor Gillmor or Council Member Watanabe” against Becker. Further, it found that Becker did not make any “hostile,” “bullying” or “unprofessional” comments to Gillmor during the open session of the meeting or that he threatened her during the closed session. The independent investigation also found no sufficient evidence to support that Becker raised his middle finger toward Watanabe.

The investigator did find that Becker said, “eff off” to Watanabe and that this was “unprofessional.” However, it was “mitigated” by the fact that it was said in a “low tone” and in “response to profanity” directed towards Becker.

Watanabe reportedly said, “I’m sick of your bulls***.”

In previous reports, The Weekly has confirmed from police department records that Gillmor did not call the police to report the Aug. 30 incident. She did, however, call Police Chief Pat Nikolai’s personal cell phone that evening.

City Manager Rajeev Batra called the police during the Aug. 30 Council meeting because someone who appeared to be confused and mentally disturbed was wandering around City Hall late into the evening.

*While the Civil Grand Jury did not release the names of the ten people it interviewed in connection to its report about the Santa Clara City Council, if Gillmor or Watanabe were one of the people interviewed and gave statements about the incident in the closed session similar to what they depicted in the media, they could be charged with a crime. Lying to a Civil Grand Jury is considered perjury.


  1. SantaClaraMale 1 year ago

    Lisa Lie? Never
    Kathy Lie? Never

    cough cough
    white lies maybe, stretch the truth, maybe we should have a recall of these two, wouldn’t that be an upset. Does Lisa realize half the city hate her, its reflected in the votes!

  2. Padded Cell 1 year ago

    Dear SantaClaraMale We won’t need a recall if they are in jail though for perjury. Both Watanabe and Gillmor kept insisting Mr Becker swore and used a rude gesture. It is interesting because Mr Jain indicated in one of the debates or council meetings that this was not how he witnessed the incident that night and he indicated his experience was different to Watanabe and Gillmor. Let us presume, therefore, they told lies to the Grand Jury. I’m sure this is not the only lie they told over the last few years.

    It is time the two of them were investigated along with the police chief it seems.

    oh Watch this space for all their supporters come out cheering them on and supporting their narrative. If one of Santana associates can find this to be untrue imagine what else can be uncovered.

    I say No Recall – straight to a “Padded Cell”

  3. CSC 1 year ago

    From the Sloan Sakai letter: “…the City retained an outside investigator, Anjuli Fiedler of Van Dermyden Makus, to investigate allegations made against you. Ms. Fiedler is a licensed attorney and experienced investigator. She had full freedom to conduct the investigation as she saw fit without interference or influence from the City. As part of the investigation, she interviewed numerous individuals, including yourself, and reviewed documentary and video information and evidence.”
    What’s unique here is there have been many criminal and complaints lodged against city employees over the past few years but as far as we know, the city hasn’t hired an outside, independent, investigator until now. The promised investigation of activities by ex-SCPD captains Cooke and Gilbert comes to mind as does the thorough complaints filed and found at
    Who in the city authorized retention and payment of the outside investigator? Did the city council approve? Did the city manager initiate this independent of the city cou cil? In either case, an independent investigation should always be conducted so credit and congratulations are in order here to whoever took the initiative.

  4. Concerned 1 year ago

    Giltmor (not misspelled) needs to go!! Instead of making the city better, she just starts fights with anyone and everyone that opposes her view, spends our tax dollars, and only cares about votes. We need someone who does what is right!!!

  5. Mrs. Kravitz 1 year ago

    Have ANY of these commenters EVER witnessed a Santa Clara city council session??? It’s like watching high school kids go at it for HOURS! The whole lot of them are dysfunctional and not worthy of the seats they sit in. Becker is such a man baby while Hardy falls asleep most of the time and everyone else are Mr./Mrs. know-it-alls’ droning on and boasting about what THEY think and what THEY do like we’re supposed to bow at their feet like they’re saviors!! It’s sickening to watch/hear and EMBARRASSING as he11. The 49rs are rolling over Santa Clara and the council just lays out the red carpet for the billionaire club and NONE OF THEM are even trying to get the work done for the city other than these accusations, lawsuits, and temper tantrums for the press. ALL OF THEM HAVE TO GO!!! Get the work of the PEOPLE who elected you DONE!!

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