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Help Sutter Speedway

Help Sutter Speedway

Sutter Elementary School kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lucia has turned to online fundraising to help complete Sutter Speedway

“Kindergarten students have a lot of energy and need a safe and fun outlet to release their energy,” states Lucia on the fundraising page,

“Our new K students come from a variety of backgrounds and academic needs: however, they all play the same and are extremely active Although many of our students participate in sports or other related activities after school, there are a number of students who do not. Therefore, recess is a necessary time for active play. With a newly painted pretend road on our blacktop, we want to ensure that our kids are moving. This will, in turn, help them be more focused on learning when they come back into the classroom.”


The fundraising campaign hopes to raise approximately $2,600 for the purchase of eight different “trikes” for the kids to ride.

Students will be able to ride tricycles together and pull one another in a wagon while following the pretend road on the blacktop. “Beside helping with gross-motor skills, riding tricycles and the wagon will promote team-work and following rules. Students will need to go one-way, stop at the stop sign, and wait their turn on and off the track. They will also learn responsibility by putting their trikes away at the end of recess in the parking lot,” which, according to the campaign are key skills to learn in kindergarten.

Over the course of our year, 105 students will have access to the tricycles and wagon. Varying types and sizes of the tricycles will students choices that best suits their body and comfort level.

Sutter Speedway “will encourage active participation and give students the chance to play and release their energy, thus creating a better learning environment both in and out of the classroom.”


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