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Hearing Postponed for Second Restraining Order Request Against SCUSD Trustee Christopher Stampolis

Santa Clara Unified Superintendent Stanley Rose’s request for a restraining order against SCUSD Trustee Christopher Stampolis has been postponed to Dec. 9, 2014 at the request of Rose’s attorney, Eugene Whitlock.

The reasons for requesting the delay, Whitlock said, were an ongoing Santa Clara Police Dept. investigation; a key witness in Rose’s complaint, SCUSD Trustee Ina Bendis, was out of town, and the fact that a transcript from a related case, in which Peterson Middle School Principal Susan Harris received a one-year restraining order against Stampolis, isn’t yet available.

Stampolis’ attorney, Tomas Margair, however, wanted to proceed with the hearing despite the absence of the only other person in the room during the conversation in question.


Rose alleges in his complaint that during a Sept. 15 meeting with Stampolis – also attended by Bendis – Stampolis threatened to sue him unless he settled with Stampolis financially right there and then.

Rose’s complaint further alleges that Stampolis told Rose he wanted to inflict as much pain as possible on my wife and me, and, further, would find doing so fun. Santa Clara Superior Court Judge Thomas Kuhnle turned down Rose’s request for a temporary restraining order, saying the evidence didn’t show that Rose was in physical or immediate danger.

The SCPD confirmed that there is an open investigation into the incident, but could not comment further.

The SCUSD board censured Stampolis at its Oct. 23 meeting. The terms of the censure allow district employees to refuse all contact or communication with Stampolis. Uniformed police officers have attended recent SCUSD board meetings.

Rose’s case will be heard on Dec. 9, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. at the Santa Clara Superior Court, Dept. 4, in downtown San Jose. The case number is 114CH005933.


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