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Headen-Inman Displays Art

Headen-Inman Displays Art

Fifty works of art lined the walls of Santa Clara’s Headen-Inman House, as students of the Triton Museum of Art’s fall classes displayed their creations from 1 to 3 p.m. on Dec. 6, in what was the second art show at the historic house.

“This originally started with the idea that we wanted elementary school kids to do drawings with no adults judging,” said Jim Narveson, president of the Santa Clara Arts and Historical Consortium. “These just happen to be from the Triton, but the real desire was the elementary school kids [showing art] … These walls are pretty ugly just plain.”

After testing the concept with a group of students from Washington Open Elementary School, Narveson had hoped that the idea would take off, and middle school students from around the city would be able to show their art each month in the house, which sits behind the Triton. “The first show went so well that even the boys smiled,” he said.


Narveson’s only problem with continuing the shows is that he has a lack of volunteers to help curate and prepare the art for the show. “What we need is somebody to go to the elementary schools,” he said. “Ideally, I wanted, every month, a different elementary school. I mainly need somebody to interact with the schools to get the message out to the teacher that we will display them, frame them and hang them and that no adult will give judgment. That’s the single most important aspect.”

Anyone interested in making Narveson’s dream a reality, can contact him at


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