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Harbir Bhatia to Lead SVC Chamber of Commerce

Harbir Bhatia will use her technology and business skills to serve as the next president and CEO of the Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce.

The Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce (SVC Chamber) Board of Directors recently announced Harbir Kaur Bhatia as the chamber’s new CEO and president.

Bhatia brings a rare combination of extensive technology, business, media production, social entrepreneurship, public sector and community leadership and chamber of commerce experience to her new position. Bhatia’s education includes a Bachelor’s of Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University.

“I am honored to serve with the SVC Chamber board and Silicon Valley community,” said Bhatia. “My goal is to ensure that the SVC Chamber continues to create value and is responsive to the changing needs of the times. Today’s economy demands leaders who are innovative with a diverse background, collaborative, inclusive and have a service mindset. With our amazing chamber board, staff and partners, I believe we can work together to shape the future of Silicon Valley as a thriving community for all.”


Bhatia served in the community for decades in various positions including on the board of directors for the Santa Clara/ Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce. She headed the task force to identify the new direction of the Chamber. Bhatia was recently elected to the Sister Cities International (SCI) board of directors soon after her appointment as the Sister City International country representative for Ukraine.

In addition, she has served on the NorCal SCI board. Bhatia has also served as the vice-chair and commissioner of the Santa Clara Cultural Commission, president and board member of the Santa Clara Library Foundation, and board member of the Santa Clara Rotary Club. Bhatia is an active Rotarian and gives talks around the world to inspire civic engagement. As an advisor to San Jose and Silicon Valley Gurdwaras, Bhatia works on diversity and inclusion initiatives.

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce our new CEO, who has been a truly exceptional find,” said Elnaz Masoom, Chairwoman of the SVC Chamber Board. “Our search was arduous, but we have found an individual who possesses not only an impeccable track record but also a deep-rooted understanding of our city’s needs and aspirations.”

Bhatia has been recognized for her contributions to the business (SVC Chamber’s Distinguished Leadership Award), humanitarian (Rotary’s Carle G Orne World Peace and Understanding Award), Silicon Valley (Santa Clara County Supervisors Otto Lee and Susan Ellenberg Community Hero medals), State (CA Assembly District 25 Women’s Month Honoree) and international (only American to receive the civilian medal of honor, ‘Hero of Kharkiv City, Kharkiv, Ukraine’) arenas among other awards and recognitions.

“Her leadership skills, coupled with her unwavering dedication, will undoubtedly steer us toward new heights,” said Masoom.


  1. Teresa 10 months ago

    This is the same person that was the VP of Marketing for the Ponzi scheming Silicon Sage that bilked hundreds of investors. What a terrible choice to lead any organization. I am shocked she wasn’t tried for the Ponzi scheme of her former employer.

    • Unrelated 10 months ago

      That’s like suggesting Santa Clara’s elected police chief be charged for crimes of stolen car parts and viciously beating young women committed by his police officers. It wasn’t the VP of Marketing who made financial and investment decisions at Silicon Sage.

  2. Alias Young 3 months ago

    @Teresa I believe you have been highly misinformed. She was not the head or VP of Marketing nor responsible for what the owners do or the CEO does. She was responsible for the Community Benefit and Innovation to push for better value from the company for the community. We were there when she pused teh the Silicon Sage CEO and executives to change the floor plan of the project. So the main floor open spaced sized was increased for small businesses and micro-stores/shops to have space to do business and take advantage of the foot traffic. Also, to create space for showcasing local artists. She convinced the leadership to donate to the local organizations and changed the design of the bottom floor for the Alum Rock project. So writing the message you did doesn’t work. It’s like holding an employee of Tesla responsible for what Elon Musk does. Frankly and sincerely speaking, people need to do their research and stop promoting false narratives due to local politics. Everyone knows how bad the local politics are in Santa Clara. It seems Santa Claran’s roll over their own residents easily to so the old guard stays in control or push lies to satisfy their personal agendas. It’s not American to make up lies or supress those creating positive impact for the community. I guess she must be doing something right to get the positive attention from SVVOICE.

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