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Grown-Ups Have Easter Fun at Adults-Only Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Grown-Ups Have Easter Fun at Adults-Only Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt Grown-Ups Have Easter Fun at Adults-Only Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

About 75 adults, many in running shoes, showed up to Northside Library on Saturday, March 26. It was the night before Easter and the adults-only Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt and Scavenger Hunt gave people a rigorous work out.

“We hope to introduce people unfamiliar to the area to this library and neighborhood,” says Cheryl Lee, branch manager and program coordinator. “We also have people coming who do live in the neighborhood but haven’t gotten a chance to meet many people yet. This is a nice environment for people to meet new friends.”

During the scavenger hunt, teams scrambled to snap pictures of locations in the Rivermark Plaza. One clue read: “You might be getting this down, now take a photo where you put your money down.” The answer: the nearby Wells Fargo bank. Next, attendees played reverse charades where one person tried to guess what the rest of their team was acting out. Team members acted out prompts, such as meteorologist, elevator, scissors and driving.


“We were a little behind on the scavenger hunt but we kept going and we didn’t give up until we ran out of time,” says Amber Cox, in purple sequined bunny ears. “We’re guessing everyone else’s reverse charades but not our own.”

The highlight of the program was the glow in the dark egg hunt. Library staff put tea lights in about 200 plastic eggs so the eggs lit up in the dark. Only one member from each team was allowed to venture into the library to hunt for one egg at a time. To give time for the others to get their turn and hunt for more eggs, each team member had to move quickly.

“I think I found five eggs,” says Ed Asher. “I found them in between bushes, on the tops of shelves and behind shelves. I didn’t know it was going to be dark in there. My girlfriend and I just moved to the area and we thought it’d be fun to do something together.”

“When you walk in, it’s jarring because it’s completely dark,” says Neha Modi. “When you see light, you think it might be the computer light but it’s actually an egg. I found two eggs. In the beginning, it was easy to find eggs but later it was harder.”

Regardless of how teams performed in the scavenger hunt, reverse charades, or the egg hunt, all said they had fun.

“I was looking for events in Santa Clara for Easter weekend and I came across this event on Facebook,” says Bobbie-Jean Rancourt, in Monster High-themed bunny ears. “As a single mom, I find that having an adults-only event where I can mingle with our community is really nice.”


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