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Girl Scouts, DoorDash Team for Cookie Season

Cookie deliveries will be a little different this year. The Girl Scouts have teamed with DoorDash to bring cookies direct to your door.

You can order cookies through the app on select delivery dates between Feb. 14 and March 27. A DoorDash driver will pick the cookies up at a Girl Scout booth near your home and then deliver the cookies to your front door.

While people who order through DoorDash will have to pay the usual fees, DoorDash does not charge the Girl Scouts a fee. Under the deal, the troops receive 100 percent of the proceeds.


Lisa Sherby is the “Cookie Mom” for Girl Scout Troop 61095 in Santa Clara. She says the partnership with DoorDash will just be another way to help the girls in the Santa Clara troop.

“It’s pretty exciting because then it’s definitely going to help cookie booths in selling more cookies for the troops because it brings more attention to it,” said Sherby. “I’ve always loved Girl Scout cookies, but maybe someone that doesn’t think about it as much…if it’s just on DoorDash—a lot of people use DoorDash—it adds more advertisement and more pull to get people buying cookies.”

Sherby’s daughter, 12-year-old Marissa, has spent the last six years in Girl Scouts. Marissa says the cookie sales are great because they help her and her troop have new experiences and complete several of their community service projects.

“We are making a little free library and it’s going to be at the school that we all went to [Washington Open Elementary],” said Marissa. “Each girl tells the troop leader our favorite books and we all are going to decide what books are going to go in it at first…On the outside, we’re going to put inspirational quotes and we still haven’t decided exactly what else we’re going to decorate because we have a bunch of different ideas.”

This year, the nine girls in Troop 61095 plans to use some of the money from the cookie sales to go horseback riding. For Marissa, who has never ridden a horse before, it will be a new and exciting experience.

“I’ve touched a horse and petted a horse before because at my old school, we did a pioneer thing at my teacher’s house and she had horses and we gave them carrots,” said Marissa.

Local Girl Scout troops will be outside several local locations until March 27, including most Safeway stores in Santa Clara, a few of the Starbucks shops and the Burger Bar.

In addition to a new delivery method, the Girl Scouts have a new cookie. The Adventurefuls are a “brownie-inspired” cookie topped with “caramel flavored crème and a hint of sea salt.”

If you don’t know a Girl Scout, the Girl Scouts have set up the website The site will randomly connect you to a Girl Scout troop in your neighborhood so you can buy cookies. Sherby says it makes a difference.

“I love that they have that because last year our troop got at least 100 extra cookies sales just from our troop’s site, which was awesome,” said Sherby. “We didn’t have to do anything. It just benefited our troop and obviously Girl Scouts. They were shipped directly to those people’s houses and we didn’t really have to do anything except republish our site.”


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  1. Edward 2 years ago

    I am proud of my daughter Lisa and my granddaughter Marissa. For their contributions to our community.

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