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Gateway Crossings Project, Minimal Developer Meetings to Note on November Council Calendars

Here’s how November looked for Santa Clara City Council:


Mayor Lisa Gillmor
The first half of the Mayor’s calendar consisted of public meetings and events.

She noted her first non-public meeting with Jan Perkins, the senior partner of Management Partners, on Nov. 14 when she was interviewed by the facilitator regarding governance and Santa Clara’s six-district council system that went into effect this past November. She followed that with a meeting about Sierra School students later that day.


Gillmor’s first meeting with a developer was when she met with Republic Metropolitan on Nov. 19 to discuss the student housing project the company is building near the Santa Clara University campus. Later in November, Gillmor met with residents Rich Bonito and Howard Myers to discuss parking in Santa Clara on Nov. 28. Later that day, she participated in an internal meeting about the massive Gateway Crossing project on Coleman Avenue.

Gillmor ended her month with a phone call with Cedar Fair’s CEO Richard Zimmerman to discuss Great America on Nov. 30.


Vice Mayor Kathy Watanabe

The Vice Mayor began her month by meeting with Adam Thompson, president of the Old Quad Resident’s Association, to discuss Gateway Crossings.

On Nov. 9, Watanabe met with Ridgecrest Group’s Omid Shakeri about the proposed townhome project at 1530-1540 Pomeroy Ave.

Watanabe, too, recorded an interview with Perkins to discuss governance and the six-district council system. Her meeting took place on Nov. 14.

The Vice Mayor ended November with a meeting with residents Dan Ondrasek and Rod Dunham about the Downtown Revitalization Task Force and an internal meeting about Gateway Crossings on Nov. 30.


Council Member Teresa O’Neill

O’Neill’s November began with a meeting with Shakeri about the Pomeroy project on Nov. 1.

She met with Thompson about Gateway Crossings on Nov. 5 and recorded a meeting with Bill Fairweather, the business agent for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE), Local 134 regarding the Convention Center.

On the 7th O’Neill participated a Measure BB campaign wrap-up call with the extended campaign team and she held her monthly resident Q&A on Nov. 11.

O’Neill’s interview with Perkins about governance and Santa Clara’s six-district system occurred on Nov. 14, and two days later the Council Member met with Mountain View City Council Member John McAlister about Valley Transportation Authority’s (VTA) governance and financial issues in the morning and Winter Consulting’s Corinne Winter about the possible formation of a Silicon Valley Rail working group in the afternoon.


On Nov. 20 she met with Parks and Recreation Commissioner Tino Silva about the future of Santa Clara city government and council.

On Nov. 30, O’Neill met with Ondrasek and Dunham about the Downtown Revitalization Task Force. Soon after that meeting, she participated in an internal Gateway Crossing project update and at 1:30 p.m. met with Alrie Middlebrook of Middlebrook Gardens and California Native Garden Foundation about the Agrihood project at the former BAREC site.


Council Member Debi Davis
Davis’ November was fairly light, with the Council Member’s biggest meetings of note being her participating in an interview with Perkins on governance and the six-district council system on Nov. 14, an internal meeting on Gateway Crossings on Nov. 28 and a meeting with Assistant City Manager Manuel Pineda and residents Marry Grizzle and Ana Vargas-Smith about the Downtown Revitalization Task Force on Nov. 29.


Council Member Patricia Mahan
Mahan’s November included mostly public events and meetings, although she did participate in an introductory meeting with Assistant Director of Finance/City Auditor Linh Lam on Nov. 15 and an internal meeting regarding Gateway Crossings on Nov. 30.


Council Member Pat Kolstad

In his final month on Santa Clara’s City Council, Kolstad met with Shakeri about the Pomeroy Avenue project on Nov. 9 and met with resident Lavelle Souza regarding the same project on Nov. 12.

The only other meeting of note for November, was Kolstad’s participation in an internal Gateway Crossing project update meeting on Nov. 27.

Incoming Council Members Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy’s calendars will be available starting in January, as the pair took their oath of office on Dec. 18. View all current and former council calendars at


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