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Free Home Energy Audit Opportunity Goes Begging

Most Santa Clarans have yet to take advantage of a free energy audit from Silicon Valley Power (SVP) that can yield energy- and money-saving tips. Out of about 45,000 Santa Clara residences, including single-family homes and apartments, only 450 have been audited from the 2009- 2010 year to date. That’s just one percent of city residences.

Whether you have a house or an apartment, in 30 minutes to an hour, a SVP energy specialist can analyze your home energy use and make energy-saving recommendations. And it’s not only about home energy upgrades such as double pane windows.

“Simple behavioral changes can add up to savings on utility bills,” says Mary Medeirosa McEnroe, Public Benefits Program Manager for Silicon Valley Power. For example, something as easy as turning off a play station when not in use is a significant energy saver. In its power down mode, a play station continues using about as much energy as a refrigerator, the appliance which uses the most energy in your home.


“It’s definitely worthwhile to have one of our trained specialists come out,” says Medeirosa McEnroe. “They look for easy, little-cost things you can do.”

Check for tips and make an energy audit appointment at by clicking on the “For Residents” tab or call the Energy Conservation Hotline at 408-244-SAVE (7283).


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