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Enjoying Your City on a Budget

The warm weather and sunny skies of summer inspire us to get out there, learn something new, and meet new people. However, enjoying summer and what Santa Clara has to offer can run up a big bill. If you’re looking, there are ways to experience Santa Clara on a budget.

Want to expand your palette and try a new restaurant? Yelp has a handy filter where you can narrow down your search to places “Offering a Deal.” Be sure to narrow your search to Santa Clara to support local businesses. For example, Taichi Pot Shabu Shabu (2640 Homestead Rd.) has a $10 for $15 deal. When you’re heading to a restaurant, check-in on Yelp and sometimes you’ll unlock other deals, like free appetizers or drinks.

Groupon has a bunch of deals that you can sort by location and type. You can find discounts on things from hair salons to gym classes to products. Davenriche European Martial Arts School (3266 De La Cruz Blvd.) has a Groupon for 50 percent off of sword-fighting classes.


Yelp and Groupon are useful ways to discover new things. If you don’t need to do much discovery and you just want to find ways to get discounts on things you already like, use the power of social media. Follow or Like the social media profiles of businesses you enjoy and keep an eye out for posts about ongoing deals they may be offering. Vitality Bowls in Santa Clara (3555 Monroe St. Unit 70) often posts $1 off promotions on their Facebook.

If you or someone you know works for a large company, they probably have access to a website called Tickets At Work. There you can find discounts on California’s Great America tickets, concert tickets, and more. Check with your boss to see if your company has access to the site. Even if you don’t have access, you can also get discounted Great America Tickets through the City:

There are also tons of free things to do. Museums are good to look into especially if you want to escape the heat and relax with some air conditioning. Two free museums in the area are the Intel Museum (2200 Mission College Blvd.) and the Santa Clara Fire Museum (1900 Walsh Ave.). Be sure to check hours before heading over.

And lastly, there are always free events going on at the many libraries in Santa Clara. The City calendar as well as the Weekly’s calendar also lists upcoming events.

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