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Dolls Come Out for Northside Library’s Barbie Bash

Dolls Come Out for Northside Library's Barbie Bash

At Northside Library, anyone can pose as a Barbie doll. A photo booth mirroring the classic fluorescent pink Barbie box allowed girls and their parents to take keepsake pictures at the library’s March 5 Barbie Bash. On the rainy Saturday afternoon, over 230 children and parents came to watch the Barbie Spy Squad Movie, meet a live Barbie princess and have a playdate with their Barbie dolls brought from home.

“This afternoon is a celebration of one of the most iconic dolls in America,” says Cheryl Lee, library branch manager and program coordinator. “A Barbie birthday party can be expensive for parents to put on and this event offers a way for people to be in a Barbie party without having to plan one. Barbie has really evolved as a doll. Now we have Barbies of different ethnicities and [body types]. Barbie was my favorite doll growing up. The Barbie Bash is a dream program because I can relive my childhood.”

For the attendees, the Barbie Bash was a dream playdate. Barbie made her grand entrance in the library as a live princess in a petal pink ball gown and satin gloves. The live Barbie princess, also known as “Courtney H.” from The Cinderella Company, ignited squeals and smiles from young fans. After taking pictures with the Barbie princess, the children chatted and sang with her. With the Barbie princess’s encouragement, the girls lined up and practiced doing a princess walk, wave, and curtsy.


“Sometimes we have a big skirt and sometimes we have a little one,” coos the Barbie princess, lightly bending her knees while showing a curtsy. “Since I’m wearing a big skirt, I’m going to lift my skirt a little and do a plie.”

“Today I learned some Barbie princess moves,” says Khloe, 5, with her Spy Squad Barbie.

“The Barbie princess is beautiful,” says Madison, 5, with her Mermaid Barbie. ‘I liked her dress. It has a lot of flowers on it. ”

“It was good to take a picture with Barbie,” says Briana, 3, with her Super Sparkle Barbie.

“My daughter has about three Barbies,” says Juliann Valenzuela, a parent. “For all the young girls, it’s nice for them to get together here and share a common interest: Barbie.”


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