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Concerts in the Park – Rebel Yell Band

Concerts in the Park - Rebel Yell Band

With Summer weather bathing the area with warmer days, the best thing to do is get outside and enjoy the cool evening temperatures. The City of Santa Clara’s Cultural Commission continued its sponsorship of the Concerts in the Park on Friday, July 8 at the Central Park Pavilion.

Friday’s concert featured the Rebel Yell Band, a five-piece group that plays the best hits from the 80s. The band definitely delivered as promised. With Miro Berglund and Sonya D singing, Paul Knutsen on bass, Frank Hohl on guitar and Jimmy Rehn on drums, the band showed that music is not just about being able to keep a tune. The band connected with the audience – close to 200 – as they danced, swayed and overall enjoyed their time in the park. The band’s high energy beckoned people to their feet, and many responded as people danced and children ran around the pavilion, enjoying a chance to move to the music.  David Scott visiting from Rhode Island commented, “I’m out here on a business trip but friends suggested I come. I’m really glad I did. This band is incredible. But at the same time, there’s been so much going on – not just in the world, but right here at home – that it’s nice to get away from the insanity playing out on the news and relax for the evening.”

Cultural Commission Secretary, Harbir Bhatia, addressed that issue. “There’s an increase in violence due to hate crimes that are happening for different reasons. It’s a vicious cycle – one person acts upon something and that has a domino effect. I see events like this as being important to help break that cycle, to help us build bridges of understanding between people and cultures. We have to build a sense of community and celebrate those values that unite us instead of focusing on things people see – race, religion, sexual preference. Some people seem to have hate as a profession. I feel like we’re going away from what makes us Americans. The concert series allows people to come together to interact and build understandings with each other and that is something that is so imperative for us at home and across the whole world. There is so much to be gained by interacting with others form other parts to the world – not just from the way we eat or dress. There is so much beauty in the world and I want to highlight these things that seemingly are different but really are the same.”


The Summer Concert series continues on Friday, July 22, featuring Orquesta Latin Heat, a Salsa band returning to the Pavilion and concludes on Friday, August 19 with the Usual Suspects. The concerts run from 6:30 – 8pm. Bhatia concluded, “I want to encourage more people to come out to the events, support the cause and take the action to build bridges and take time to get to know each other.”


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