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Class of 2024 Finishes Up Time at SCUSD

It was a party atmosphere at multiple Santa Clara Unified School District schools last week as they celebrated the milestone class of 2024.

“This was the first class that was here the whole time after COVID pandemic, and we are looking forward to the return to normalcy that comes with that. It feels more like school than it has for quite a few years,” said Santa Clara High School (SCHS) Principal Gregory Shelby.

Shelby oversaw Santa Clara High’s graduation ceremony. He shook hands with 420 students as they walked across the graduation stage and received their diplomas on May 31. Shelby was more than happy to brag about his students.


“Class of 2024 was one of the best educational classes we ever had by a lot of metrics,” said Shelby. “We had over 60 AP scholars and around 60 students that will be the first student in their family that will go to college.”

Wilcox High School also celebrated its students’ great achievements. 450 students received their diplomas on May 31, and 44% of them are headed to a four-year college.

Principal Kristin Gonzalez says Wilcox will be well represented in the UC school system with at least one student attending each of the UC schools. Some schools will see multiple attendees, such as UC Davis, 9, UC Santa Barbara, 7, and UC Berkeley, 6.

Several other students will attend private colleges in the fall, including USC, Santa Clara, John Hopkins and NYU. Some 43% more will attend community college in the fall.

“We are immensely proud of our students’ accomplishments this school year. Their hard work and dedication have led to remarkable achievements, both academically and personally,” said Gonzalez. “Graduation is a testament to their perseverance and the unwavering support of our dedicated staff and community. We look forward to seeing our graduates continue to excel in their future endeavors. Thank you to the entire Wilcox community for your support this year – it truly takes a village.”

Mission Early College High School, New Valley High School and Wilson High School also held their graduation ceremonies last week.


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