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Cinema Savvy “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”


Perhaps Hollywood is starting to get this sequel thing right? Though the second Kingsman movie wasn’t as good as its predecessor, that doesn’t mean it was bad by any means. It was thoroughly enjoyable and fun to watch.

If you’re considering seeing the movie, you should probably see it.

Definitely give it a chance if you enjoyed the first one—it complements it well. It’s a comparable sequel that feels too similar at times, but is also different enough that it doesn’t feel like a complete rehash. The biggest difference, is that the movie introduces the Statesman—the Kingsman’s U.S. cousins.


Even if you didn’t see the first movie, you should consider seeing it. It would be more enjoyable if you knew about this fascinating organization, but there is enough context to get you by.

If you love action movies, you will also love this one. The fight scenes are so entertaining and definitely tip a hat to the amazing fight scenes in the first movie. Their impossible weapons and technology transport you to another world. Please take the R rating seriously. Yes, it is a comedic action film, but it is very graphic and suggestive.

Is action not your thing? The fashion is incredible. Men fighting in suits (plus the British accents) give serious James Bond vibes.

The creators do introduce some amazing new characters portrayed by a star-studded cast. Julianne Moore is a great addition to this universe—she plays a cunning and loony villain with a serious bout of 50s nostalgia. Elton John plays himself, which is ridiculously enjoyable. Pedro Pascal plays a remarkably talented fighter for the Statesman. And, of course, the talented Halle Berry, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges bump up the star factor.

While this sequel isn’t as fun and doesn’t add too much to the incredible world built in the first one, it’s still an enjoyable popcorn movie where you can simply unwind and enjoy the action, suspense and British mannerisms. Manners maketh man.

We give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.


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