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Cars and Croissants Go Hand in Hand on Santana Row

Sundays are for brunching and on Santana Row, the perfect pairing to your breakfast is a luxury vehicle.

The monthly Cars and Croissants on The Row event took place on Aug. 19. Visitors gathered on Santana Row for breakfast with a view of exotic luxury vehicles. The event was hosted by 100|OCT (“Hundred Octane”), a Silicon Valley-based company that was founded by Benoît Boningue. The company hosts several events throughout the year for exotic car-enthusiasts.

Crowds — especially children — “oohed” and “ahhed” Sunday morning as each new exotic car arrived. As soon as the driver stepped out of their car, many children ran up to express how “cool” or “awesome” they thought the car was.


Peter, who chose not to give his last name, is the owner of a lime green 2017 Lamborghini Huracan. He said that it’s fun to watch children be drawn to his car and explained that one of the reasons he participates in car shows is because he is, “trying to inspire a love of cars in the young generation.”

While Peter doesn’t attend all the car shows, he is a “semi-regular” and says he has always been interested in cars. A quick Google search will tell you that a car like Peter’s will set you back about $200,000.

For upcoming car shows, visit the 100|OCT website:


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