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Cahoots Cahoots

The Santa Clara Players just finished a run of a production, Cahoots by Rick Johnston. As with other Santa Clara Players productions, this was another excellent example of how a small stage production company continues to produce excellent theatrical works.

Cahoots takes place in Ken, played by Andy Cooperfaus, and Jan’s, played by Rachelle Abbey, apartment in a Manhattan high-rise. It’s not intended to be a murder mystery and technically isn’t, but quickly becomes one. Things get going with Jan preparing for a dinner party with Lois, played by Sarah Kishler. The plan is to attend a block meeting on crime in the neighborhood. The twist is that Al, played by Jery Rosas, has become obsessed with crime and trying to prove a point about how unsafe things really can be, breaks into Ken and Jan’s apartment with a credit card. That move is the beginning of the end for Al, as Ken has had quite enough of him. After a series of insults, things go from mildly unpleasant to murder when Ken hits Al with very large pepper mill and kills him. Things go from bad to worse when a security guard, played by Nick Dale, with intentions of blackmail is also bumped off. Knowing who the killers are means it’s not a whodunit, but the mystery is in trying to figure out how to dispose of the bodies properly. The acting is first rate and the dialog is filled with lots of one-liners.

Unfortunately, Cahoots’ last performance was on Sunday, June 5, but the Santa Clara Players has another show, The Foursome, opening on July 15. For more information on the Santa Clara Players, please visit their website,


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