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Bunny Brightens Up Easter For Sheltering Families

The Easter Bunny made an appearance on Santa Clara streets on Saturday, April 11.

Plans to escort the Easter Bunny through Santa Clara neighborhoods had been in the works for over a week but were dependent on the weather. Fortunately, the forecast called for sunny skies on Saturday as the Easter Bunny hopped into his place in the back of a friend’s convertible. In keeping with social distancing guidelines, they never stopped during their several hour-long tour through Santa Clara.

Pictured, the Easter Bunny and his escorts wave to anyone who was waiting for his arrival. Many residents saw him in his stylish convertible and waved back at the Bunny. They were thrilled at their chance to see this ray of sunshine in an otherwise non-normal time.


Many asked the Bunny to come back next year — social distancing or not.

The Easter Bunny has made several appearances in Santa Clara over the years. In 2018, he hopped over to the International Swim Center to visit with the kids taking part in the Easter-Pool-Ooza.

In 2017, the Bunny was on hand to watch approximately 1,500 kids race through Central Park, picking up eggs as fast as they could. It took just 60 seconds for the kids to undo the Bunny’s hours of work hiding the 13,000 Easter eggs.

The Bunny has also found his way to the Bunny Brunch at Santa Clara University (SCU) in years past where the University’s alumni and their children feasted on a spread of eggs, bacon, pancakes and more alongside the Bunny.


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