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Body Found in Saratoga Creek in Central Park

Santa Clara police are investigating a body found in Saratoga Creek in Central Park.

Both the Santa Clara Police Department (SCPD) and Santa Clara Fire Department (SCFD) arrived at the park on Sunday, Jan. 15 after reports of a body found in the creek.

An SCPD spokesperson says after a preliminary investigation, detectives do not suspect foul play. The case remains an active investigation, though no additional information is available at this time.


Many Bay Area waterways were moving faster than usual on Sunday because of a series of storms moving through the area.

While SCPD has not confirmed that the storm was a direct cause of the death, SCFD told KRON4 that this was “A sobering reminder to please stay away from full and fast moving creeks.”

Crews used a stretcher and rope to pull the body from the water.


  1. Ezequiel & Xochil Rodriguez 1 year ago

    Was the person female or male…how old was the person…where they a homeless person and why is all this information missing.

  2. Yy 1 year ago

    Why do you care if the person was make it female, rich or poor, young or old…

    A human being died. Isn’t that enough?

  3. Christine 1 year ago

    I agree,it shouldn’t matter if the person was homeless or not. The fact of the matter is someone died. My heart n prayers go out to the family.

  4. Matt 1 year ago

    The information is important if you have a missing family member who may have been in the area. Any additional information that would help identity would be important. Let’s not assume the worst in each other.

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