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Blendable Blushes, Pressed Powder New at MUFE

Blendable Blushes, Pressed Powder New at MUFE

For those who are on-the-go or want to look pro, Make Up For Ever has launched a new line of blendable blushes and a pressed powder – products that stand up to the company’s high-definition (HD) testing.

It took half a decade for MUFE founder Dani Sanz to develop the conveniently compacted HD Pressed Powder, a talc-free, lightweight, finishing powder that works the same way as the company’s HD Microfinish Loose Powder.


“It’s made of 100 percent silica and its spherical particles and they can’t be pressed,” said Public Relations Assistant Marina Matteo. “So our creator, over the last five years, has been working on a way to press that formula but give the same result … it’s going to settle into all those fine lines and pores and any type of texture that you have and really give you a flawless finish.”

“When I put [HD Powder] on people, it speaks for itself,” said Michelle MacDonald, a makeup artist at the company’s Valley Fair location. “It smoothes everything out and gives a beautiful texture … With this powder, less is more … The way you want to apply it is to press and roll it into the skin.”

Likewise, MUFE released its HD Blush, a 16-shade line of cream blushes that finish like a powder. “It’s a cream blush that can be applied on top of your powder, after a touchup, and also before, which is unheard of,” said MUFE Valley Fair’s Head Makeup Artist Tobey Doran. “You can usually never put a cream blush on top of the powder – it’ll look awful – but this is amazing … Cream blushes have a bad rap. They’re harder to blend, but this one, I think, blends better than the powder. If I put too much on, I can blend it in and actually make it a lot lighter.”

HD Blush is made with a combination of oils and waxes, and the products are labeled according to skin tone, with shade 410 being a universal color that works on almost everyone. “We have 200s for fair skin,” said Matteo, “300s for light-to-medium, 400s for medium-to-deep, and then 500s for deep skin tones so there’s really a shade for everyone … [Shade 410] looks really bright, but what’s nice about these is that you can start off with a little bit and then, if you have darker skin, you can build it.”

The HD Blush line is also versatile. “I’m really liking it because I can press it into my lips in a pinch,” said Doran. “I can throw the universal shade, 410, on and press it into my lips and it looks really cool.”

“Not only that but we have shades in there that you can use as a bronzer, and they pop out so you can get refills,” added MacDonald. “Magnetic palettes are really in right now. People like to customize their makeup kits so this gives you that freedom to really make it the way you want it, which I love about our new products.”

HD Blush ($26) and HD Powder ($36) are available at the Make Up For Ever store at Valley Fair (across from Sephora, which also carries the line). Visit to learn about the HD cosmetics line.


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