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2023 Holiday Home Decorating Contest Features Santa Clara’s Brightest

Once again, Santa Clara’s Holiday Home Decorating contest does not fail to disappoint. The holiday displays throughout the City have brought more joy to the festive time of year.

The home at 4292 Burdick Lane in District 1’s Rivermark neighborhood won best in the district this season. The holiday decorations outside the home are a familiar sight to neighbors. After all, this is the fifth year in a row the home has won best in the district. The homeowner proudly displays all of their home decorating contest wins, including a plaque from 2011.

The decorations are perfect for a game of I Spy with the kids. Snoopy helps families keep track of exactly how many days and hours remain until Christmas.


There are at least three snowmen in the display – Frosty, the Abominable Snowman and newcomer Olaf as well as at least a half dozen penguins, one of whom has taken it upon himself to personally guide Santa’s sleigh in for a safe landing.

People who walk by the Santa Clara home will also notice Mickey and Minnie, Scooby-doo, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Grinch if they look close enough.

And the residents of Burdick Lane aren’t the only ones offering greetings from the Grinch. District 3’s winner at 3031 Santa Maria Ave. features the Grinch in his natural habitat, just outside the gates of Who-ville. He’s joined by Cindy Lou Who.

Meanwhile, at 2133 Hoover Court in District 2, families are greeted with a “Merry Grinchmas” sign and offered a photo opportunity for the younger holiday revelers.

At 960 Capitola Way in District 4, it’s all about the lights. The front yard is lit up and there’s a giant mailbox so kids can have a direct line to Santa Claus before the big day.

District 5’s winner at 1210 Lincoln St. has gone with the classic look, lots of lights, a Nativity scene and, of course, Santa Claus waving to people as they walk by.

Photo by Larry Sacks

District 6’s big winner at 345 Sloat Ct. also features a Nativity scene on the home’s second-floor balcony. Below, you’ll find some classic Disney characters including the Three Caballeros, Stitch and Phineas and Ferb.

The citywide winner this holiday season is the home at 875 Pepper Tree Lane. The address should sound familiar. The homeowner also won his district’s award for best Halloween decorations earlier this year.

The winners of Santa Clara's 2023 Holiday Home Decorating contest include several instances of the Grinch and a tribute to Star Wars.
Photo by Larry Sacks

For the winter season, the display celebrates all things Star Wars. There’s a good balance of Rebel forces and the Empire in the display. Darth Vader flies onto the scene in his TIE Fighter, while an AT-AT patrols the area.

Meanwhile, Han Solo is there atop a Tauntaun and C-3PO and R2-D2 glide through the scene in a Landspeeder.

All in all, the best holiday displays in Santa Clara offer a little something for everyone. Congratulations to the big winners. For a complete list of the homes that entered this year’s contest, visit the City’s website.


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