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Week of November 6

100 Years Ago: Santa Clara News (November 4, 1913)

*Santa Clara’s First Merchant Fair is Success: Auspicious Opening Marks Success of Exposition: Lively Week of Entertainment and Long Lane of Carnival Concessions Add Ginger to Fair Exhibits

*Santa Clara, Mission City of Schools and Churches: New Grammar School has 525 Pupils


*Santa Clara is a City of Efficient and Comprehensive Schools, Cheerful Homes, and a Charming Paradise of Trees and Flowers

*Santa Clara Leads in Lumber, Fruit and Leather Industries

*Why American Cities Should Purchase Parks: No Longer Considered a Luxury, but, Like Streets, a Necessity

50 Years Ago: Santa Clara Journal (November 6, 1963)

*By Private Agreement: Larry Marsalli New Councilman – But Urban Renewal Stand Muzzled: Tiebreaker Vote May Not Occur

*No Details: Urban Renewal Plans Tossed Out

*’Frightened into Selling?’:Veiled Threats Charged in Right of Way Process for Widening Scott Blvd.

*Santa Clara Schools Chief Wendell Huxtable Plans Tour of Russian Schools

*The Trees Will Stay when New Pavement and Sidewalks added in March for Houses Bordered by Benton and Pomeroy Streets

Compiled by Mary Hanel, Local History Librarian Santa Clara City Library


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