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Voter Registration is Easier Than Ever

Every American citizen has a claim to their own sovereignty. It’s this precious right to self-governance that we share with our neighbors in a representative democracy.

Voting is the most basic act that allows you a say in your government. By choosing the candidates who best reflect your points of view, you influence how billions of your tax dollars are spent.

In the coming months, you’ll find multi-lingual voter registration materials in your mailbox and utility bill. These are part of a broad effort to increase community engagement in the City of Santa Clara.


It is important to remember that even civic-minded people may unknowingly not be registered. If you’ve moved since the last election, you’ll need to re-register at your new address. And, if you’ve recently turned 18 or become a new US citizen, you’ll need to register for the first time.

Fortunately, registering to vote is now easier than ever:

  • Online: You can go to the California Secretary of State’s website and register to vote online at
  • In person: You can find voter registration cards at most post offices, libraries, the Registrar of Voters, City Hall and the DMV.
  • Call: You can also call the City Clerk’s Office at 408-615-2220 or email and they’ll mail a voter registration card to your home.

This is also a good opportunity to clarify some urban myths regarding voter registration: Registering to vote won’t put you on a jury duty list, those are derived from a number of sources so you’ll be chosen anyway. And, your personal information such as driver license and social security numbers are kept securely and are not available to the public.

One thing registering to vote, and voting will do is allow you to have a greater stake in your government. So, if you, a family member or a friend haven’t done so yet, please take the five minutes to complete a voter registration form, send it in and enjoy being an essential part of our American democracy.

For more information, contact the Santa Clara City Clerk’s Office at 408-615-2220 or the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters at 408-299-VOTE.


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