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The 49ers Host Families for the First Picnic On The Field

Host Families

The 49ers Foundation hosted a picnic on Saturday, June 16, but instead of holding it at a park somewhere, they chose the most logical location — Levi’s Stadium — as the site for their first-ever Picnic on the Field. Designed as a family-friendly event, the picnic featured something for everyone in attendance.

The picnic was a hit with everyone as nearly 3,000 tickets sold out quickly and families came as far away as Palmdale. Matthew, 7, enjoyed playing a game of Connect-4 with his sister. Genesis, 4, summed it up nicely when asked what he thought of the picnic.

“It’s great. I’m having a lot of fun,” he said.


The picnic was a way for the 49ers Foundation to give back to the community by opening the doors to Levi’s Stadium and letting fans experience something they might not ever have before — a chance to wander around the field of their favorite football team.

Two of the bigger attractions were current 49ers players helping kids in attendance with some of the games. Marcell Harris, Jack Heneghan, Emmanuel Moseley, Niles Scott and Blaine Woodson and 49ers staff helped make sure everyone had a great time.

David from San Jose beamed, “Emmanuel Moseley was just helping my son, Scott!”

Another big attraction was the chance for autographs by 49ers alumni including Steve Bono, Dennis Brown, Eric Heitmann, Ted Kwalick, Guy McIntyre, Eason Ransom and Eric Wright.

Already very involved in the Bay Area, the mission of the 49ers Foundation is to harness football to educate and empower Bay Area youth. All proceeds from the picnic will be used to help support that mission.

Last year, the 49ers Foundation invested more than $4 million back into the Bay Area community and over its past 27 years in existence has donated more than $40 million.

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