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Santa Clara’s 2011-2012 Capital Improvement Budget is Cautious

Santa Clara's 2011-2012 Capital Improvement Budget is Cautious

On May 17, Santa Clara unveiled a cautious capital improvement budget (CIP) for the coming fiscal year. Capital improvements are the infrastructure of the city, as opposed to the ongoing operations of the city. This year the City proposes to spend $16 million less on capital projects than the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

The City currently has $1.2 million in capital projects reserves, $3.8 million less than the targeted $5 million, City Finance Director Gary Ameling told the City Council at the May 17 meeting. However, the City has freed $1.7 million in the CIP budget from closed and reduced projects, Ameling reported.


In addition, many CIP projects will increase Santa Clara services revenues. For example, the current 40 percent expansion of the City’s recycled water system – which is almost finished – will bring 10 new customers that, alone, will increase Santa Clara’s recycled water sales by 50 percent.

Of $69 million that the City will spend on capital improvements next year, the 3 top funding sources are charges for services, developer fees, and municipal bond sales. By comparison, last year Santa Clara’s top funding sources were charges for services, the ARRA federal economic stimulus program, and RDA bond sales.

Got questions about the Santa Clara budget? Visit the city budget webpage at Not only will you find current and historical budgets and financial reports, the webpage also offers a “City Budget 101” booklet that can be viewed as an online book or downloaded. Santa Clara budget documents are also available at the Central City Library on Homestead Road.

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