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Santa Clara Collects Exponentially More Rent Than Other NFL Stadium Cities

Not only does Santa Clara collect more stadium rent than any other city with an NFL stadium, the City gets exponentially more rent than other cities. Even the second and third highest stadium leases aren’t in the same league.

The Minnesota Vikings will pay $10 million when US Bank Stadium opens – anticipated later this year. That increases 3 percent a year until it reaches $20 million in 2046. The NY Giants’ and Jets’ pay a total of $5 million a year to play in MetLife Stadium in metropolitan New York City.

This year the Dallas Cowboys will pay $2 million to play at AT&T Dallas Stadium. The Arizona Cardinals pay $300,000 to play at Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium.


The Baltimore Ravens pay no rent to play at M&T Stadium.

Undoubtedly, the best deal is the one the San Diego Chargers have in Qualcomm Stadium. The annual rent is set at $3 million – less credits that include property taxes, a percentage of concession revenue and free parking. The net: San Diego ends up paying the Chargers – $759,000 in the 2014-15 season.

By comparison, the 49ers paid a total of $28.7 million in Levi’s Stadium rent in 2014-15. The Santa Clara general fund received $2.7 million in ground and performance rent. The Santa Clara Stadium Authority received $24.5 million in facility rent, which pays off construction debt.


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