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Rotary Members Get Once-In-A-Lifetime View of Rapidly-Advancing Levi’s Stadium Construction

Rotary Members Get Once-In-A-Lifetime View of Rapidly-Advancing Levi's Stadium Construction

Santa Clara Rotary is going to have to be pretty creative to come with programs for next year’s meetings that are up to the standard that it’s setting this year. Last week the service club donned hard hats and safety vests for an inside view of the Levi’s Stadium as it comes together. Following the tour, Rotary members got to enjoy lunch at the 49ers cafeteria.

Although many of us will visit the finished stadium in the future, an inside view of this massive engineering feat taking shape is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Even unfinished, many of the stadium’s unique features are immediately clear. One of the most significant is the stadium’s light, airy open-ness – including the visibility from inside not only to the field, but to the outside landscape of the Santa Clara Valley.


“There’s as much room as possible for people to move around,” tour guide Matt Crowell of Turner-Devcon told that visitors. “The concourse space is three times as big as Candlestick. There’s a path to get anywhere you want to be, easily, and plenty of space to meet and mingle.”

Levi’s Stadium concourse will be 63 ft. compared to Candlestick’s 19 ft. In addition, the new stadium will have 130 more concessions than Candlestick, each one offering unique menu items as well as regular ballpark fare.

However, there’s one thing visitors won’t see at the new Levi’s Stadium: restroom lines. Every counter front will be backed by restrooms, with twice as many women’s restrooms.


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