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Protester Claims Concussion, Burn After Oct. 3 Levi’s Stadium Game

The man who ran onto the field during the Monday Night Football game at Levi’s Stadium on Oct. 3 has filed charges against Los Angeles Rams Bobby Wagner with the Santa Clara Police Department.

In the police report (PRA Response Levis Protester Files Police Report 10.4.22), Alexander Joseph Taylor, 30, of Berkeley did not name any other players or either of the NFL teams (San Francisco 49ers or Los Angeles Rams) involved in the game.

Police records show that Taylor arrived at the police station on the afternoon of Oct. 4 to “provide information on injuries he had received during an incident at an NFL event.”


The report reads: “Mr. Taylor had a headache, a concussion without loss of consciousness, and a burn on his inner right bicep.”

In a video that has gone viral, you can see Taylor run onto the field during the football game, chased by Levi’s Stadium security. Taylor is seen carrying a device emitting pink smoke when he is tackled by Wagner.

Wagner told the media on Oct. 5 that he’s more concerned about the security guard that was hurt during the chase.

“I’m more concerned about the security guard that was hurt trying to chase him,” said Wagner. “We don’t know what that is, and you just got to do what you got to do.

“You just never know,” Wagner continued. “People run on the field for no reason sometimes and again, I’m pretty sure it’s going to keep happening, but you never know what that person has got in they pocket, in their hands, their whatever. Kind of like what I said after the game so, you know, there’s consequences for your actions.”

The Santa Clara Police Department arrest log shows Taylor was cited and released for trespassing on the field on Oct. 3. Another fan was also cited and released for trespassing on the field, though she did not make it all the way onto the field before she was caught by security.

Both were reportedly protesters for an animal rights group based in San Francisco.


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