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Milestones – The Last Gift! – Opinion

Sorry, and I just don’t get it.

Let’s see. Prices on most everything like groceries, gas and good times are over the top.

Local companies are laying off employees like they are anathema, housing prices are sagging and our 401ks have tanked.


And we are being told by the government that everything is just fine.

I checked with a local teacher and asked if 2 plus 2 is still four. The answer was yes unless you worked for the government.

“Holy Cow Charlie Brown,” what happened?

There has been a shift. We have moved from a productive producing economy to a survival of the fittest society.

The new green deal is beginning to look more like a head of wilted lettuce.

Shifting from the fossil fuels that drive us to work, our leaders have redirected us to electricity as the solution for the future. Electric cars, busses, and trains are where it’s at…wherever that is.

I know you can hardly wait for new electric airplanes, trucks, ships and a gasless society.

In the meantime, we have this thing called reality.  There is a serious canyon existing between the elimination of fossil fuels and the adoption of an all-electric world.

Paying more for gas does not hasten the arrival of this dream and is hastening the arrival of nightmares as this unrealistic fantasy is foisted on America. Once upon a time, we had leaders that lived in the world of reality, operated using common sense and applied that God-given gift to managing our country.

It appears common sense has followed the dodo bird into extinction.

Whoever in this country ever thought that “free theft” would be allowed up to $950? That residents would demonize and defund the police? That gun-carrying gangs can ravage, pillage and murder with a shrug?

May God help us. Oh, that’s right, God is not popular at the moment. Respect and appreciation for the Almighty have been relegated to the circular file. It is not so important to know how we got into this mess, that is easier to determine than…how do we get out of this vacuum of insanity?

It starts with leadership, and could we use that now!

Biblically speaking “…without a vision the people perish.” What America has been experiencing are nightmares, one followed by more.

We are due for leadership.

May God give us leaders who possess the incredible gift of common sense coupled with vision.


  1. GoodShipSantaClara 1 year ago

    Ah the screed of senility. Clearly my prior comments have not been read by this opinion writer. Godspeed.

    • Buchser Alum 1 year ago

      I cannot wait for the next installment of Miles Barber’s two bit Andy Rooney impersonation. It is fortunate for those who love him that they have such a convenient way to track his evolution into a senile crank.

  2. Mark Revson 1 year ago

    Thank you Myles for being a beacon of light in the land of the loonies.

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