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Milestones – Stupid Lives and Breeds! – Opinion

Stupid is simply the absence of common sense. Most readers of this column have encountered both.

Santa Clara has witnessed six years of Mayor Gillmor’s leadership and she has won the trophy for one of these two options. It isn’t common sense.

Her hiring practices ranked near the top when it came to salaries and benefits and close to the bottom in key employee performance ratings.


Like breathing fresh air following a trip through a tunnel, the new era Council has introduced that marvelous ingredient known as common sense.

Bringing back Rajeev Batra as City Manager is just one example. His experience, vision and practical approach are perfect for getting Santa Clara rebalanced and out of the red.

You would have to admit this incredible elixir does wonders in government. It seems mystical, in a way, when applied. However, it is so rare currently that our children may not have the opportunity to experience its value.

Think about our kids who are growing up in a culture that never experienced common sense governance in their or their parents’ lifetimes.

When it comes to government, you often ask yourself, how in the world did they decide to do that?

Santa Clara, under Gillmor’s leadership, was not immune from the pandemic of common sense gone absent. Unfortunately, there was no vaccine available to inject sense into the decision process.

Residents realized her hype and bravado were a big bag of bad fumbles. As a result, voters crossed off Gillmor’s cronies in favor of caring and common sense council members.

Her actions were absent that powerful package of practicality.

This horrible disease has now infected thousands of American political and educational leaders. Decisions are made with the absence of reason in the name of political rightness.

Hello? Are you home? There is all this knocking, and no one is answering the door. While the demands of economic and social issues grow daily, the absence of common sense is the hydrogen bomb of stupidity.

The good ship America has sprung a leak and is listing. However, as Santa Clara has proven, the power to plug and repair the leak is doable. Voters will veto the vermin, vacate the stupidity, turn America upright, instilling common sense and sanity once again.


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