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Milestones – Maui is Making It – Opinion

August 8, 2023 was the devasting fire destroying Lahaina, Maui, killing nearly 100 people and leaving thousands homeless.

How do you recover from a calamity this major?

Some years ago, California had a similarly catastrophic fire that virtually destroyed the town of Paradise. Now, five years later, the community has rebuilt and recovered…if you can ever really do that.


We have been in Maui for some time now and have been amazed. Everyone is participating in this recovery. Contrary to the miserable news that has been grabbed on and propagated by television, residents are doing what good folks always do…they are working hard and helping in the recovery. Many locals have shared their homes. Hotels have dedicated half of their rooms to provide living space for survivors.

If you have been to the west side of Maui, you are familiar with the Safeway and Walmart complex on the north side of town. It was these buildings, made of cement, where the fire stopped. These stores remain open and are booming. In fact, once you pass by Safeway on your way to Kaanapali, Napili or Kapalua, you would not even know there had been a major tragedy.

People are working, restaurants are packed and the services remaining are booming. We called Dollies Pizza the other night to make a phone order and the wait time was an hour and a half just for take-out. You can see this is good and yet requires adjustment to the new Maui time.

My slogan has become, “Come to Maui and bring money.”

These folks want to work, and every job that is available is filled and appreciated. The west side, north of Lahaina, is fabulous as always. The return of visitors will be a big help to aid in the recovery of one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. They can be sure to be welcomed with an overflow of enthusiasm and appreciation by the residents.

Congratulations are in order — again — to the SF 49ers, who valiantly battled the Seattle Seahawks in a hotly contested match, winning 28 to 16. Frankly, it is delightful to follow this franchise as it moves closer to the playoffs and possibly a good shot at the Super Bowl.

If they do go to the Bowl and win, Maybe Jed York will take the team to Maui.


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