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Milestones – Hopes are High! – Opinion

Santa Clara is vibrating with excitement as 75,000 dedicated fans will witness in person the matchup Sunday between the SF 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys.

Kickoff is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. and if you missed out on getting your in-person ticket you can catch the game on FOX. The 49ers are given a 4-point advantage by the oddsmakers, but, as we have experienced, in this game, anything can happen…and often does.

This is what former Mayor Pat Mahan envisioned years ago when she led the City Council to encourage the 49ers to make Santa Clara their home.


While the 49ers have had sellout crowds throughout the last decade, this season has provided more excitement for Santa Clara than any in memory.

Even TV announcers are now reporting that Levi’s Stadium is located in Santa Clara. This is great exposure for the City.

Starting the season with a top draft pick in Trey Lance, anticipation was high until Lance was almost immediately sidelined with a broken ankle. Filling in for Lance was Mr. Reliable, Jimmy Garoppolo, who enjoyed some success until he was also sidelined with an ankle injury.

That left the 49ers with a third-string quarterback in Brock Purdy. Purdy was the very last player chosen in the draft earning the nickname, “Mr. Irrelevant.” He had never played even one minute of pro ball and sat on the sidelines thinking he was lucky just to be on a team somewhere, anywhere. Who would have thought?

Purdy was brought in to replace Garoppolo and what did he do? He simply did what he had been doing when at high school in Arizona, then at Iowa State where he completed 67% of his passes.

Purdy jogged on the field, led the 49ers to a win and continued winning. And, when you win, you go to the playoffs.

Making the playoffs in the NFL is a big deal. Winning in the playoffs is huge.

If you lose, you are done for the season. Win, and you move on to the next round and usually against a tougher team.

That brings us to this Sunday when the Dallas Cowboys come to town and the 49ers will be tested in every position.

Sunday will be a major exam of the 49ers’ fortitude as they seek a shot at the Big Game.

For Santa Clara and the Bay Area…go 49ers!


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