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Milestones – A New Year…Again – Opinion

It seems that the easiest task in handling the New Year is to pull out the resolutions list from last year and change the date.

The usual items like losing weight, quitting smoking, being nicer to the kids and spouse usually last less than 30 days.

On occasion, it is a victory when we can look back at our resolution list and commend ourselves for keeping even one.


The coming year is destined to offer new challenges not included on your current list. It is an election year and elections will move right to the top.

When reviewing the report card list for our current elected officials, it is dismal. Despite the outcry from residents in our own city, and throughout California, our elected representatives must be wearing earplugs. Their lack of action can only be intentional.

It is astonishing that most of our Sacramento representatives still believe in or allow free theft. Imagine that any person at any time can just take items from a store shelf and walk out with no consequence. The loss to retail stores is astronomical. Retail closures are, and have been, inevitable. Failure of Sacramento to reverse this con job is criminal itself and defies gravity.

Do you find it a surprise that our representatives in Sacramento have done nothing to curb the concept of free theft? The only thing we can deduct from this lack of action and reversal of this law is: They support free theft and are themselves as corrupt as the culprits.

There will be many more retail businesses that will close in the New Year if our state legislature fails to change this law. The failure of our representatives to return to sanity may cause you to gain weight, go back to smoking, yell at your spouse and kids and/or close your business.

Since it is an election year, the current incumbents are hoping you won’t remember the last three years of chaos.

America, for more than 200 years, has been known as the land of the free and the home of the brave. California has taken on a new meaning and has become the land of free theft and brazen thieves.

It is very possible in this New Year, our elections will determine a restored truth to decency, honesty and law that is for and of the people, not the inaction of politicians. 


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