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Levi’s Stadium Proving to be Destination Event Venue

Levi's Stadium Proving to be Destination Event Venue

Nearly finished, Levi’s Stadium has quickly taken center stage, with at least 20 major events booked at the 68,500-seat, $1.2 billion stadium, including at least 18 events in its maiden year.

With Super Bowl 50 and WrestleMania 31 leading the way, events are being added swiftly, with both Monster AMA Supercross and Monster Jam each booking an event in each of the first two years of stadium operation, as well as a gaggle of premier events such as the Aug. 2 San Jose Earthquakes game, Cal vs. Oregon football game, San Francisco Bowl and Pac-12 championship game.

The Pac-12 Conference and the Santa Clara Stadium Authority recently announced that that the Pac-12 championship game will take place at the Stadium for the next three years, featuring the Pac-12 North champion versus the Pac-12 South champion.


“Pac-12 football is among the deepest and best football conferences in the country and deserves the biggest stage,” says Larry Scott, Commissioner of the Pac-12 Conference. “We are thrilled to offer student-athletes and their fans the ultimate venue to culminate a successful season.”

According to 49ers COO Al Guido, “What allows us to have such incredible scheduling flexibility is phenomenal infrastructure.” Guido says that there are already 70,000 people entering the area for the Monday to Friday workforce. “Beyond the sunshine in the area, the infrastructure is likely even more of an asset,” says Guido, citing the freeway and expressways systems nearby, heavy rail, light rail and bus service adding to the superior infrastructure.

“Phenomenal partners” like the Santa Clara Convention Center, City of San Jose, adjacent hotels and nearby amenities add to the bookability of the stadium, says Guido.

Levi's Stadium Proving to be Destination Event Venue

The multi-purpose 1.85 million square foot stadium will accommodate three unique tiers of events – catered events (flea markets, carnivals, fairs, etc.) that utilize the 180,000 square feet of meeting space; family events (monster truck, motocross) that draw 20,000 to 40,000 people; and large-scale events (WrestleMania, Super Bowl, bowl games, etc.). With 45,000 seats in the lower bowl, Guido adds, it makes family events very intimate.

Through one month of scheduling, about 30 catered events were booked, including weddings, parties and corporate meetings. Currently, a “robust” staff of approximately 15 is booking the building for all three types of events.

With eight available spaces, it is possible for eight events to occur simultaneously. “There is no question that we’ll probably do 16-20 large events including the 49ers games and another three to five semi-major events and over 200 miscellaneous events in the first year,” says Guido. “This will be an extremely active building, open year round,” says Guido. Staff expects 200,000 to 300,000 visitors to the 49er Hall of Fame each year alone.

Major concerts will likely come also, as most major tours occur in the summer. “With a better sound system and technology, booking large-scale events here will be much easier than say Candletstick,” says Guido, noting more major events and concerts should take place in year two.

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