What do we now – Letter to the Editor

What do we know about Santa Clara from reading our news sources? Well if we read the Santa Clara News, an online collection of bigoted comments scripted during bull sessions at Teresa ONeill’s home edited by Jude the Vorta, we learn nothing. If we read the Weekly, we do get a good picture of what is going on. Indeed. Congresswoman Omar’s tweets are more entertaining than Haugh’s scripted diatribes. We know Lisa Gillmor is a tireless dedicated leader with a generous heart. We know Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy are doing a great job, we know Larry Davis, Curly Joe Watanabe, and Moe ONeill work hard to destroy what is special about Santa Clara, and we know Deanna Santana is doing an effective job as City Manager while Doyle is filing briefs over the lack of magenta is his Crayola Big Box.