The City of Gilroy is Experiencing Our Future – Letter to the Editor

The city of Gilroy is experiencing our future.  There will be a time in our future when we will question if we want to attend any group event.  This includes the Art and Wine Festival, the city’s 4th. of July Celebration, Friday night football games, parades, and any event where a large gathering is expected.

Before attending any event we will all wonder if some nutcase with a gun will be present??  This is not how we want to live and there must be some changes made.  Selling assault rifles to anyone should be eliminated!!  No one needs a weapon of war in the city.  Likely there will soon be metal detectors at these events before one is allowed to enter.  Going to a Giants game your “baggage” is searched, as it should be.  I cannot imagine how an assault rifle was not seen when this shooter entered the Gilroy festival. Once that information is learned, there will be changes made.  I know one was asked about what they were carrying but was the bag looked at??  Unlikely it seems as the shooter and the gun got inside.  In time we will learn more, but the number one issue is the gun.  I believe the military and the police department are the only place for gun use, and guns should be outlawed anywhere else.  I realize we have hunters who enjoy their sport, but they are not hunting at a festival.

We all must be vigilant as that is our new “normal”.  I don’t like it and I doubt most of those who live in Santa Clara don’t either.  if this can happen in Gilroy, it can happen anywhere.