Need of Road Diet for Kiely Blvd/Bowers Ave. Traffic. – Letter to the Editor

I have lived in Santa Clara long enough to have attended City Council meetings about the advantages and disadvantages of making both dead end 100% residential Kiely and Bowers into through roads.   Bowers by tunneling under Southern Pacific rail road tracks and Kiely by extending throughout Luther Farm to connect with San Jose. In both situations the extensions won out with glowing testimonials about how little the through traffic would  impact the quality of life in those neighborhoods …both road sections are now morning and evening race tracks with double lane traffic in both directions, the majority far exceeding the speed limit.

The most dangerous section is the blind “S” curve between Pruneridge and Forbes where traffic, especially if it comes upon a green light enables vehicles to cross Pruneridge,  into the blind curves  at speeds far exceeding the 35 mph limit in a 100%  residential neighborhood!