Re: Up In Smoke – Letter to the Editor

A majority of respondents to last year’s survey about the City of Santa Clara’s smoking ordinance approved of it.

Up in Smoke

The ordinance is based on health issues – not “irritation” to non-smokers.


It is not redundant – it increases locations for no smoking such as public parks, outdoor restaurant tables & multi-unit housing.

How is this ordinance “punitive”?   To the tobacco industry?

The existence of many health threats doesn’t require that some be ignored.

Are Sunnyvale, Palo Alto,  Redwood City and Saratoga lacking  “common sense”?  They and 47 other cities passed similar ordinances. The City of Santa Clara is catching up.

Thanks to our City Council for hearing its residents’ and health agencies (American Lung Association, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association) requests for protection.

Thanks to Prometheus Properties and the other major apartment owners for banning smoking on their properties.  It is time for condominium residents to be included!