Re: Milestones – Letter to the Editor

Kudos to SCWeekly for stating that Milestones is an opinion column.  I am all for independent audits of city finances, but not chaired by Steve Lodge.  He was originally against Measure J stadium and for good reasons.  Then Lodge became so corrupted by 49r’s secret offer for him to handle stadium security that he began in SCPD uniform to promote the stadium, an illegal act.  Lodge also supported SCUSD’s Measure J benefit which inadequately enabled poor seniors’ right to opt-out.

Another issue with Milestones was its response to me.  I wrote that Ro Khanna didn’t last long in US Commerce Department.  Barber replied that it was for a two-year term.  False!  Obama fired Khanna early (19th month) for gross incompetency (Solyndra fiasco and mishandling foreign trade).  Now about minimal punishments for Trump underlings Khanna wails though prison-free himself after misappropriating university funds (San Mateo Times 2-28-2004).  Commie Bernie’s new frontman?