Measure T Deserves Your YES Vote – Letter to the Editor

Measure T provides continued funding for the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority (OSA). It is not a new tax; it is a renewal of a parcel tax that received over 68% of Santa Claran’s votes in 2014. The OSA protects open space which benefits Santa Clarans by keeping our water supply clean, supporting local agriculture, protecting wildlife and providing recreational opportunities. Recent purchases by the OSA in Coyote Valley will help preserve that critical corridor as open space. In addition, the OSA has contributed to local projects in Santa Clara, including:

• Ulistac Natural Area trails and habitat restoration,
• Community Garden at Everett N. “Eddie” Souza Park and
• Bowers Park habitat restoration and pathway development.

The OSA is a great steward of public money, providing benefits that we all enjoy. The OSA has earned your YES vote on Measure T.