LGBTQIA+ Community in SCUSD – Letter to the Editor

This past week Trustee Lieberman and the rest of the Santa Clara Unified Schools District Board brought up the lack of action with the LGBTQIA+ community in our district. It is disheartening that with the current climate in this country the district leadership is still working on the vision for 2035 while not listening, hiding, misinforming and pretending to do something. I am happy to know that we have a board that is keeping close attention.
Working on a 2035 vision is wonderful and makes for a great PR package for the district, but we tend to do that while ignoring the needs of our current students. We need listen to our students since they are the ones that know what needs to be done in the schools and are aware of the real climate and culture on campus. Surveys only say so much! It is time to make sure all of our students are safe and feel included, loved and respected in our district.
The current district leadership has this pattern of being manipulative and on the defensive which is not conducive to a good working environment. The ramifications this has for our students who are our number one priority and staff is immeasurable. It is to look at new leadership that is focused on action and not public relations. I would not be surprised if we asked more community members, staff and teachers and they shared my opinion. We already heard Amber Wacht last month saying that she would not run for union president again because of the current climate. Let us keep the focus on our students and not lose more good people like Ms. Wacht. I do know that Ms. Wacht is going back to the classroom, but not having her as union president is a great loss for the union.
I want to thank the board for their dedication to our students! Having Muirhead phone in from out of the country and Dr. Ryan attend even when not feeling well is a testament to the dedication all seven of you have to our students. Thank you all!!!