Letter to the Editor by Victoria Mallon

Do not be Misled – Vote No on Measure BB

I previously wrote a letter (published 10/25/18) regarding Measure BB. I continue to believe that a NO vote is the correct way to go due to a documented history of fund misuse and poor oversight, but I have a correction. My original letter mentioned that per the Silicon Valley Voice of 7/4/18, SCUSD was still in deficit spending mode. That was true as of the 6/28/18 budget. But, on 9/13/18, SCUSD balanced its budget. This was mainly done by taking $23 Million out of the Books & Supplies budget. The 6/28/18 budget for Books and Supplies was $34,848,033.34. The Books and Supplies budget was amended on 9/13/18 and is now $11,754,114. I’m concerned that once again, money is not going towards the ultimate goal: a superior education for the children of the Santa Clara Unified School District. Again, please vote NO on Measure BB


Victoria Mallon