Letter to the Editor By the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Speaks Out In Light of Recent Audit Regarding CVB & Convention Center

In light of the recent audit, regarding the Convention Center and Convention-Visitors Bureau, the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce would like to share our point of view.

The Santa Clara Chamber Board is composed of responsible and ethical business and community leaders who truly care about Santa Clara. As with many other community oriented organizations, we are a board of volunteers with the acumen toward business.  The board and leadership does experience turnover along with employees; and today’s board and leadership are very concerned with the results of the audit along with the process by which the City is presenting it.


It is unfortunate and quite possibly reckless, the City or Chamber, in fact, did not update the contracts for over 34 years to provide the opportunity to assess and/or rectify past practices and work together collaboratively. There are concerning practices on the part of both parties. There are also failed recognition of the benefits the City received having an organization such as the Chamber in the management team.

We are very pleased the City Council agreed to allow us the opportunity to present the other side of the story.

There are indeed multiple justifications, explanations and historical narratives that support the business practices over these years and the subsequent and ongoing support of past City Leadership that does provide acceptance and acknowledgment of such practices. We look forward to expressing our story of today and what has happened in the past, as we understand it. We invite you to join us in October 9th as will be presenting our side addressing the concerns. We will be addressing immediate concerns in the coming days.

The Chamber board and leadership find it disappointing and improper the City has sent out a press release highlighting certain questionable points of the audit when all parties agreed the Chamber has the right to provide background information and explanation to some of these findings.

We truly hope that the chamber and city are pulling in the same direction and that we do not let outside influences or ulterior motives deter us from doing what is right for Santa Clara because we have a very dedicated and strong board that is ready to bring Santa Clara and the chamber into the future.



Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce