Letter to the Editor by Sonya Stauffer

Measure BB

As the mother of a SCUSD student who struggled with math and ultimately dropped out of his engineering program in college, I urge citizens to vote NO on Measure BB. Fancy expensive school facilities DO NOT lead to school achievement. Currently, only 47 % of 11th graders meet the CAASPP California math standard. What happens to the other 53%? Failure! Our last school bond, Measure H of 2014 spent $380K on a stadium sound system for Wilcox which was categorized as a “critical” project. Ridiculous! What is really critical? Our school district should be providing students with great teachers and a great curriculum, not asking for $1.4 Billion for fancy facilities. Please vote no on Measure BB. It is a waste of money. And, here is where I got the 47% CAASSPP score for Wilcox: https://www.santaclarausd.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=2396&dataid=2654&FileName=Wilcox_High_School_20180130.pdf Go to page 7.