Letter to the Editor by Rob Jerdonek

Measure M  (allowing commercial marijuana), on the ballot for the November 2018 election, is highly misleading to Santa Clara voters.  It is presented as a revenue opportunity, but the city council does not tell us the costs that would be incurred by the city, including police enforcement costs and the public health costs of increased cannabis use among our youth.

The measure, and its related proposed ordinances, would invite the “Big Cannabis” industry into our city, including manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, retail sales and testing of “related marijuana products.”  Our city council has enough on its plate, managing a city of 116,000 and a billion-dollar stadium. To think they can also effectively regulate big cannabis, and make money doing it, is ludicrous.

Many cities have legalized commercial cannabis, but now regret it.  Join us on Facebook to learn more at @SantaClaraVoteNoOnM. No on M!  No on Marijuana! No on Misleading Voters!