Letter to the Editor by Peta Roberts

I am very happy to be running for the position of Clerk for the City of Santa Clara.

I have lived in Santa Clara for 16 years, and have been an active participant in the community, especially through our public schools and the library.

This will be the first time the role of the City Clerk has substantially changed. The Assistant City Clerk has taken up many of the duties previously performed by the City Clerk, who now only has two jobs, the first is to have charge of all City Elections, and secondly, be custodian of the City Seal.


And the most relevant to City voters choosing between six candidates for Clerk is to decide who is most capable of taking charge of elections in the City.

Making sure City elections run smoothly is an important task. For any democracy, it is important to have a fair election process in place, that is consistently applied. A dedicated Clerk makes this happen every election cycle. And I can do that.

Having spent almost ten years as a government employee, I understand that the City Clerk is there to serve the needs of all people. We need a guarantee that every candidate gets exactly the same information about exactly the same election standards, and understand all the timelines associated with elections. The job of the Clerk is to make sure that all candidates have their questions answered, and are treated fairly and respectfully. I’ve got this!

Elections are very much driven by process. And I am very good at process. I have had the experience of designing and implementing protocols and manuals when I was part of a new legislative body. I understand that consistency and predictability as well as accountability is the bedrock of a democracy.

I am a Personal Historian helping people record their memoirs, and an Audio Engineer recording, editing and publishing podcasts. I have an MBA from Sydney, and have an applied science degree and studied public policy and legal studies. And experience, lots of experience.