Letter to the Editor by Rob Jerdonek

Measure M proposes a “Cannabis Tax” that would be funded by inviting Pot Shops into our city with no limits on how many shops or where they would be located.

Would they be located near the mayor’s home? Near low income neighborhoods? (Would that be fair to those residents?)  Near the stadium? On El Camino Real? Near high schools?

Actually, they won’t tell us where the Pot Shops will be located.  They want us to vote for it without having that information. If Measure M passes, the city council can put the pot shops wherever they want to without your vote!  All proceeds go to their slush funds.

This same city government is struggling to manage our stadium and convention center.  Do you think they can also effectively manage and regulate an entire recreational drug industry in our city?

Vote No on Measure M in November! Visit KeepSantaClaraSafe.nationbuilder.com

Rob Jerdonek